Summer Updates Around Our Home

Today I'm taking you inside our apartment for a little summer update tour. It's not much, as our apartment is small, but it's something

First, I added a Magnolia wreath to the front door. I've been looking for one for FOREVER (I tried homegoods, target, hobby lobby every time I was in the store and nothing! There was no way I was dropping close to $100 for the Magnolia Market wreath ;) so I was thrilled when I finally found Graced Designs. Malia makes the most beautiful wreaths. I tell you, these leaves look SO real! All I did to finish it off was find some gingham ribbon to tie it up with. To hang it, I stuck a Command strip on the door, then tied the ribbon around the wreath and knotted it. Then I looped the knot around the command strip. Finally, I tied a bow around the knot to complete the look. You can see what I mean in the picture below.

That's our little entry porch! I think the wreath was just thing I needed to give it some personality. We have a neighbor who changes our her door decor ever month, so I felt like I had to do SOMETHING haha! 

Moving inside, I restyled our bookcase. Mostly because Lincoln was biting the things on the bottom of the shelf so we needed a new solution. The things on the bottom shelf happened to be my husband's records, which are the most precious things to him. There was no way we could let the pup bite those! So I found a basket large enough to house the records, with room to spare, and put them in there. Now Lincoln just goes after the basket, which is better ;)

When I style my bookcase, I always think of things in 3's or in odd numbers. For example, the middle shelf has 3 vignettes. The green vases and the succulent, the stack of books and the birdcage, and the candle sticks and third candle. (Ignore our Nest Thermostat, which my husband insisted in installing when we moved in...what can I say? He's an engineer...) The bottom shelf is okay to have one thing, because it's substantial enough to hold its own and ground the rest of the bookshelf. If it was a small basket, just one of them wouldn't work and I would suggest getting two.

Just a peek at the other side of the apartment, the living room, which you might have seen in last week's post.

Hopefully this gives you a feeling of how the room is set up:

Yep, he's biting the actual shelf now. Thankfully I got some bitter apple spray and now the biting all the things is getting a lot better!

I just love this candle I picked up from Petite Petal Company last time I was in California. Not only does it smell so good, but the lid is gorgeous.

This frame was my souvenir from the last trip I took to Magnolia Market. Taking into account that it's marble, I was surprised at how affordable it was! It came with this line drawing in it. I don't think it was meant to stay in the frame, but I love it.

A peek at our pretty new pillows!

If you're a dog parent and don't want to sacrifice style for the practical needs of your dog, then you might like these next few pictures. That was me for sure! My husband could care less what dog bowls looked like, but I didn't want something that was an eye sore (I'm crazy, I know!) so I was overly excited when I found these ceramic dog bowls with the bone shape on the front. They're just so cute! I could choose either silver or gold writing, and I went with gold because we have some other gold touches in our apartment. We tried the bowls without a mat for a few days, but turns out a puppy who loves water + a puppy with a beard (seriously) doesn't mix well. I pulled out a pretty placemat my grandma made us for our wedding and we're using that. Lincoln sure loves his bowls (better than the little bowl from my cupboard we were using for the first week ha!)

See...we tried with no mat here...

 Aren't they adorable?! You can personalize the labels with your pet's name or a paw print, but we went with Food and Water.

Alright, I'm done. One last picture of him for good measure. I swear this blog won't become a dog blog ;)

Have you made any updates to your home for summer? Tag me on Instagram @michaelanoelledesigns and I'd love to see!

Happy Tuesday!

** a few of these items were c/o the shop owners. All opinions are my own & 100% honest. We only work with companies we love! Thanks for supporting companies MND believes in!

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