A Puppy & His Pillows (new pillows for fall!)

When I was in college I interned for a designer in the Bay Area and she is who is responsible for introducing me to one of my now favorite design stores, Serena & Lily. This store embodies everything I want my design to be and reflect. Traditional pieces with contemporary updates, coastal, lots of blues, interesting yet totally classic patterns and luxurious textiles. While many of their pieces are "splurges" I can promise you they will last forever. You can just tell the difference in a pillow cover from them versus a cover from a more inexpensive store. And I say, spend your money on what you touch, use and are closest to every day!
 I always love sourcing items for my own interior design client's homes from Serena & Lily. From hand woven rattan counter stools to cozy wool throws, Serena & Lily has everything you need to update your space in preparation for welcoming friends & family into your home.
Speaking of Friends & Family, they are holding the F&F sale right now! With code GUESTPREP you can get 20% off your entire purchase. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you from the sale. I'm such a sucker for their sheets (will never sleep in other sheets again!) and their adorable pillow covers. 
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I just got some new ones for fall and it's safe to say we're ALL obsessed with them ;) Lincoln legitimately moves pillows around to get them just right, then lays his head on them. #mydogishuman (does anyone else's animals do this?!) I love swapping out pillows for different seasons, so for fall and winter I go a little darker. I picked these beautiful navy pillows as my two end anchors, accented with our sea glass colored pillows I've had for years, and then using this new lumbar pillow (with tassels that the pup hasn't noticed yet-- hooray!) to finish it off. I LOVE the plaid for fall. 
My type of fall decor is the kind that is full of texture, but doesn't scream harvest or halloween. Know what I mean?

Navy pillow (comes in white and gray) / plaid lumbar tassel pillow / linen blanket
PS. Here's a pillow tip! When you get the inserts for your pillows, get one that is an inch or two larger than the pillow cover for extra umph. Nothing worse than gorgeous covers on a sad, under-stuffed pillow insert. I also always go with synthetic down because the down fibers usually poke out. If I DO go with down fill, I make sure it's a great, high quality brand like Serena & Lily, where I know they won't do that.
I know everyone thinks their dog is the cutest, but...how adorable is he?! So sweet! 
Happy shopping :)
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*Note: this post is in collaboration with Serena & Lily, but as always, contain my own opinions and thoughts. I always make sure to review and use products I endorse on my blog and instagram and would never tell you about anything I don't use, love and recommend to my own clients. Thanks for supporting companies that keep MND doors open.

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