Green & Blue Living Room Rug

Last Friday was an exciting day around here because our new living room rug arrived!! My husband stayed home with a cold, so he was feeling under the weather but when it came I begged him to help me roll it out. What a guy ;) I knew we needed a much larger rug with color and pattern for the space! The old rug was great for the apartments I've lived in, but was much too small for this new space. Hopefully one day we'll also get a larger couch, but there are other things we're doing before that. #priorities

Here's our new rug, which I got from Well Woven. When I found them on instagram one day and started looking through their selections, I was really impressed! The reviews were all really great and the prices are awesome. Talk about an extremely affordable rug-- this 8x10 was $299! I am really excited to be partnering with Well Woven to show you the Maxwell rug in my living room. They've been so kind to give my readers a discount code (on top of their affordable prices!) so scroll down to get that. 

I knew I wanted something in the green, blue and neutral family and I also knew I wanted something that had a vintage looking pattern. I didn't want it to be too saturated, so when I saw this one, it caught my eye! I always recommend looking at the photos people post in the reviews of products, if there are any, and this one had so many photos that I felt super confident about ordering!

The colors ended up being perfect-- my current pillows work so well with it. And of course, Lincoln is loving that he has this super soft, larger, new rug to lay and roll around on ;)

Little peek at my new homegoods find for the entry way!

This is a pretty low pile rug, which is great for walking without tripping. It's also extremely soft and comes in a variety of sizes (would be such a pretty runner!) I still need to get a rug pad, which I always suggest for keeping rugs in place and for extending the lifetime of a rug, but I was too excited to see it down, so I went for it. (When McCann learned we're going to have to move the sofa and rug again to put down a pad he wasn't thrilled with me ;))

There is just enough color in the rug for my liking! If you want to play with pattern and color, but are typically a neutral girl like me, rugs are the perfect place to start because they lay flat on the ground, not in your normal sight-line and usually furniture would be placed on top of a rug.

We are so pleased! Not only do we have some life breathed into our space, but it's also the appropriate size (8x10)! In case you need some tips for picking a rug, this post is helpful. It's really important to make sure at least the front legs of your furniture in a living room are on your rug. When in doubt, go bigger! Other than seeing too small of art or art hung too high, too small of a rug is the next thing I see the most of. Hope these hints help!
Get 15% off your next Well Woven purchase with code MICHAELA1515. (This will work on purchases above $75 and excludes flat price item sales.)

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  1. Perfect timing! I have also been on the hunt for a new living room rug. I don't see anywhere on their website what the rugs are made out of? Do you know? Also, does it have a strong "new" smell? Had to return that last rug as after two weeks it still stunk. Thanks for the coupon!

    1. Hi Heide! Sorry for my delay! It had a smell for about a day and then completely went away :) This particular rug is made of 100% Polypropylene, basically the synthetic version of wool. Natural fibers are always best, but this one is so soft and durable!


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