The Eve of Christmas Eve

If you're not sick of my Christmas decor yet, here's the FINAL decorations I have up in my bedroom (:  I decorated the shelf above my desk because this is where I blog, so I wanted to feel festive in here, too!

A vase with snow, pine cones and ornaments in the colors of my room. A few Precious Moments, too (:

My favorite ornament: Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  She's to heavy to hang on the tree, so she sits here.  Belle's my favorite princess; who's yours?

A little picture of me sledding in Tahoe when I was four.

Some pretty beads and a Christmas cup completes the shelf.

I'm just too excited for Christmas.  It's always been my favorite time of year, but there's something different about it now that I'm actually coming home for Christmas from college.  It's that much more special (:  What's everyone's plans for the next few days? Christmas Eve dinner, white elephant exchange, Christmas Eve service at church, looking at lights, waking up and eating my mom's famous egg casserole and coffee cake, seeing what Santa brought and going to my grandma's house for family festivities is what we'll be doin' (:

Wishing you all a lovely, relaxed, and family-filled next few days.  Tomorrow I'm sharing our family Christmas card so come on back one last time before Christmas!

On a little side note, my blogging friend Lisa, from Serendipity Chic Decor, had her blog deleted unexpectedly because of a lost e-mail account.  She's pretty sure she was hacked :(  I was referred by Lisa to back up my blog posts just in case something were to happen to mine.  Once you pack it up and save it to your computer, you can import your posts to a new blog.  Go here to learn more about backing up your blog! Just looking out for you all (:

Love and 2 Days 'till Christmas,


  1. what a great place to blog from :) cute!
    and wow, losing my blog is one of my biggest fears. i will be backing it up ASAP. thanks for the tip.

  2. Cute decorations! I love Belle! She's my favourite too! :)

  3. Love the decorations! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! : )

  4. I loooove your desk Michaela! What a great spot to blog and be inspired! :)

    I know I've been MIA around here recently... it's been a hectic week! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas my dear! xo

  5. I think I had that desk growing up, and I definitely had that frame in green. My parents still have it in what used to be my bathroom. Love the vase with ornaments! Merry Christmas.

  6. your blogging space is absolutely beautiful! i think a pretty space is always a perfect place to be when inspiration is needed :) i really need to take my own advice and get to work on the office space myself :) thanks for the inspiration!

    also...thank you for the tip. I never really thought about saving my posts elsewhere just in case. that's so sad that this happened to your blogger friend :(

  7. You can never have too many decorations! :) Looks great! And thanks for the back-up reminder..I've been meaning to set that up for months.

    Merry Christmas!
    *Tania @

  8. It looks beautiful!

    I have lots of time with family planned out over the next few days. I'm super excited about it too!

    Hope you're having a wonderful time. x

  9. Love the decor! It's so fun being festive!! My plans sounds very similar to yours...looking at lights, Christmas morning and lunch at my grandma's. I can't wait!!!

  10. Very cute! My favorite princess is Ariel...must be the red hair. ;-) But really, you can't beat "You Gotta Kiss the Girl" as a sing along!

  11. I adore your desk! It is so beautiful! And I did pretty much the same thing with pine cones this season! I spray painted mine white though, and threw in some gold ornaments in with them on a bed of beads. I love the way yours turned out!
    My favorite princess was definitely Sleeping Beauty :)
    And thanks for the tidbit on backing up my blog. Definitely need to do that!
    Happy Christmas to you darling! Hope its great!

  12. the way you decorated and your Belle ornament

  13. Love the way you decorated you desk! It is sooo you!! We've had our daughter home with us this past week's been a lot of fun having both girls home together. We'll be attending Christmas Eve service tomorrow, then dinner with my folks and the girls beaus! Then out to look at Christmas lights in the traditional Christmas PJs!! LOL Have a blessed Christmas.

  14. Cutely decorated! :o)


  15. I just LOVE your desk cute!


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