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Today we're kicking off a little Holiday series, and have the treat of hearing from the ever adorable Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! I'm so happy I found her blog a few months ago-- she never fails to make me laugh and always inspires me with her crafts and home decor.  One talented wife and mama!

Hello sweet readers of Michaela Noelle! Michaela is truly one of the sweetest people I've 'met' in Blogland, and I was thrilled when she asked me to Guest Post.

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday! Not only does it hold so much joy and meaning, but it brings amazing memories of my Christmases growing up, and the memories I'm making with my family now. My blog is named for my sweet grandfather, Poppoo, who always greeted me with a booming, "Hi Sugarplum!" He was more of a father than grandfather, so of course all of my childhood Christmas memories are based around times spent at their house.

The tradition that stands out to me most, were the stockings....and the funny trinkets Poppoo Santa put in them.

There would be some candy and a few packs of gum, but mostly they contained sample sizes of shampoo, lotion, hand cream, etc. And not store bought. My grandparents were avid travelers, so most came from all the hotels they stayed in! I remember thinking as a child that it was completely random, but now I look back and see his humor and practicality (and appreciate the travel bug they planted in me).

I've carried the tradition of stockings forward with my family. Sure we buy gifts and there's always a toy or two from Santa, but filling the stockings is my absolute favorite part. Santa waits until Christmas Eve, then stuffs them with goodies...if they poke out and overflow it's even better!

kid stocking collage

The kids (and hubby!) love reaching their hands deep in the stocking to pull out every last gift!

stocking goodies

So many fun things to give, and the stockings are always the first thing everyone goes for. I've started a new tradition in our home this year: Advent Calendars!

advent 10

Getting a treat every day of December is a thrill, and finding the stocking on Christmas Day is the icing on the cake! I hope these are traditions my children carry on in their homes too.

Thanks for having me, Michaela, and Merry, Merry Christmas friends!
xo, Cassie

What a fun holiday tradition!  Make sure to head over to visit Cassie's spunky blog (:

Love and Home for the Holidays,


  1. That is such a sweet post and adorable tradition:) Happy Monday to you both, kisses

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Christmas!

  2. Love Cassie! And the stockings are one of my favorite parts too :) So fun too see what goodies are inside.

  3. Love Cassie!! A great tradition Cassie, our family does the same. Stockings are a BIG deal in our house.

  4. What a great tradition... love the story of the travel toiletries from the grandparents!

  5. How funny! My hubby wants to put an orange in the stockings because that's what his family did, I love the random stocking gifts!

  6. Love me some Cassie! How funny, cass, I had just read on your blog last night about your sweet grandfather and the blog name. LOVE the picture of your daughter in that hat. Fun post. Love you both!

  7. I love stockings too! Keep digging until we find everything! SO FUN!

  8. Thanks for having me, sweets! It was fun high-jacking your blog for a day!

  9. Those retro toys are just the right gifts this Christmas when kids only think about Wii and PSPs.

  10. What a lovely idea, I will keep in mind once I have kids!

  11. Love Cassie! Stockings are the best!


  12. An advent stocking is a great idea, Michaela (thanks to Cassie for sharing) :) It requires a lot of planning head but sure makes for a wonderful treat leading up to Christmas.

    Stockings were always my favourite part of the morning too...I love all the little surprises that get stuffed into stockings.

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com


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