It's the Season for Giving

Mom would look for me everywhere.  And when she couldn't find me playing with blocks or barbies in my room, she knew where I was.  She'd find me in the wrapping paper closet; sitting on the floor, wrapping empty boxes and tying them with ribbon.  I taught myself how to curl ribbon and I was obsessed with practicing.  By the time she would find me, the closet was a disaster.  Tissue paper, bows, boxes, tape and scissors everywhere.  There was something about it, something about fun colors and bows and cute paper, that I loved.  My love for gifts developed in this wrapping paper closet.  My love for hand written notes, paper of all kind, stationary, and making people things started here.  When Mom would open the door, I'd look up and smile.  She's ask me who these presents were for, and I'd say I wasn't sure.  She'd ask me how I got the scissors out of the office drawer {because I wasn't allowed to use them} and I'd reply, "I don't know, but I didn't do it, Mama."  I'd giggle, so she wouldn't get mad at me.  It was a tactic that worked, because she would giggle, too.  

My mom always reminds me of this story when we wrap presents around Christmastime.  She reminds me how my thirst to be creative showed itself early.  This is how I know I'm destined to be doing what I'm doing.

This is the season for giving! We give because the best gift in the entire world was given to us on the first Christmas.  Of course I love receiving thoughtful gifts {who doesn't?!}, but nothing makes me smile more than giving gifts that we picked out just for that person.  Oh, and the cute wrapping paper is enough to warm my heart, too!

Do you love wrapping paper, too? Do you go simple or fancy?  Bows, or no?  Give me the low down!

Love and 4 days 'till Christmas,


  1. That is such a beautiful tree and I also love wrapping gifts and shopping for them! I usually try to make the wrapping really special:) Hugs and kisses

  2. Your tree is gorgeous! And all the presents look beautifully wrapped! I'm a horrible wrapper so I wish mine looked that pretty!

  3. Yes, love to give...and adore all things paper!! I love using "real" ribbon on our packages.

  4. I love getting to pick out the new wrapping paper style every year, and I love ribbons too!

    I'm actually not too great at wrapping gifts though. My hubby actually does the wrapping in our house which most people always find very funny, but he's good at it!

    Merry Christmas, girl! x


  5. I love all things paper! Literally. I could just swim in paper and be one happy girl.

  6. Beautiful tree!

    I love pretty paper with a hand tied bow to match. I definitely get a lot of pleasure out of finding the perfect gift for each person and then wrapping it so that it looks extra special.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. That's such a sweet memory!! We usually go simple and just wrap the presents, no bows. However, since this year is my first year as a MRS, I am trying to go all out and do bows!

  8. Ohh your tree gets me everytime Michaela! It's way too gorg for words. And yes yes, I too love pretty paper. And from a young age started wrapping anything I could get my hands on!! Wheee Christmas is almost here!

  9. I adore wrapping paper. And I also learned to curl ribbon and practiced like ALL the time. My mom and dad used to own a small story, and during the holidays they would tie ribbon on the shopping bags. I sat there for hours curling the sparkly pieces in total bliss! hahaha!


    The tree look very gorgeous! AND the wrap-job is impeccable. :)

  10. ***The owned a small STORE. Not story. LOL!!

  11. You KNOW I love it!! ;)

    Goooorgeous tree!! Beautifully wrapped gifts. :)

  12. I'm afraid I'm the simple type. I do have one friend that I adore her art to putting a package together. But give me a bag and well, I fill it, and a warm scarf on top.


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