August Goals

Happy Tuesday! We're still in California, so things have been a little quieter around the blog. I just can't believe how quickly this year is flying by. It's August already! A big month for my immediate family, as my parents' 30th wedding anniversary is today + it's my younger brother's 24th birthday! Quite the anniversary present ;)

Since we're in a new month (a week in, at that!) I'm sharing my monthly goals below, but first a look back at last month...

- Well, we got a sweet puppy, so my goal is to take him to Puppy 101 class and get him trained really well. He already knows come, sit and down! We went to his first class and it was hilarious. All the puppies were so distracted by other dogs + grass (Lincoln's favorite thing ever!) Hopefully he gets better in coming weeks!

- Enjoy Bloom Bash Chicago workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm SO excited for this workshop! This workshop went off without a hitch! So much fun!

- Go to the local crepe place with my husband for a Saturday morning date.  The best crepes I've ever had!! Can't wait to go back. 

- Also enjoy appetizers at the wine bar down town. We didn't do this yet, but we want to do it this month with some new neighbors of ours! 

- Have some friends over to swim and hang out by the pool during these warm evenings.  Did this once, but want to do it more! Gotta soak up summer.

- Go on a walk every evening with my hubby and our pup, Lincoln! (unless it's storming, of course!) Did it! So good for the soul and the legs ;)

- Go to the beach We went a few times and each was glorious. I was made for summer!

- Take family pictures with Lincoln! Did this last night! Sneak peek on Instagram.

- Hopefully book our tickets to California for August! Yes, the pup is coming too :) We're still in CA on our trip and we're SO glad we did this! Traveling with the puppy was a breeze. We had the best time introducing Link to my family.

- Get a few married couples together from our church and start a weekly bible study. Really looking forward to this! This is going to start in September...can't wait.

- Launch my new blog design-- hooray! It's coming along so well...can't wait to share it + some super fun giveaways! As you can see, this is done! I hope you love it as much as I do!

- This may seem silly, but I want to focus on not checking my instagram stats in July. Comparison is the worst, so I want to focus on being authentic and genuine instead of focusing on what others are doing. I'm really proud of myself in this area! I didn't check my stats all month and don't plan to in the coming months either. It's amazing what this does for your heart and mind.

- Start with some really exciting new client projects! I'm so excited about a few big projects in the works. One kitchen remodel, one new-build that's coming together, and one new home renovation...stay tuned!

- Start a new book. Or finish one I haven't yet ;) I need to finish How We Love. I also have a few others I want to dive into. Any chick flick novels you recommend for poolside reading?

- Movie night with a sweet friend who is getting married in a few weeks. We're going to watch some girly wedding movies. Top of my list: Father of the Bride, Runaway Bride, 27 Dresses... what are some others?!

- I'm designing and coordinating the above friends' wedding on the 26th in Michigan. Can't wait for these two to be husband and wife!

- Work out 3 times a week (I've fallen off the train...) and do 50 crunches every night before bed. My husband says he's going to join me in this challenge.

- While home in California, my mom taught me a lot about what vitamins we need to be taking + how to make vegetables taste really good, so I'm going to start implementing these things in our home. I REALLY want to help our family (though just the two of us now) down a healthy and responsible path. We're going to start having spinach salad 3 times a week to get tons of greens. I don't eat fish or seafood, and that contains a lot of omega 3's that are vital for your body, so I'm going to start taking flaxseed oil to get some of that vitamin. 

- Plan a night away for our one year anniversary in September! 

- I'm not going to buy a single thing in August. No clothes, no home decor, no shoes, nail polish (always gets me in the store! ha), no plants for outside...nothing. You get the picture. I want to focus on being content and not focus on stuff. Who wants to join me?! 

- Show you a recent client project reveal...starting tomorrow on the blog!

What are your goals this month?!

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  1. Well done on July sweet friend - and yay for an awesome August x

  2. More fun wedding movies: Bride Wars, The Proposal (one of my favorite movies ever), My Best Friend's Wedding, The Wedding Planner, Bridesmaids...there are so many good ones!


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