Decorating with What You Have: Fall Edition

Last month I wrote about how I was going to refrain from buying anything new for Fall, even though I really wanted to. I wanted to practice decorating with what I had + with a small apartment and plans to hopefully move to a larger place in the future, we don't need to be spending money on yet another pumpkin figurine only to take up space. 

My process for decorating for Fall with my existing decorations went like this:

- Clear off any specific summer decor (I mostly decorate with neutral pieces that could technically be used all year round, but there are some pieces I prefer to be out only for specific seasons. 
- Get out all my existing fall decor items and lay them out.
- DO NOT look at old pictures from past years. I wanted to use the items I had in (hopefully) a new place, although there's not tons of space in our place for things to go ;)
- Try to find some other pieces that could pass as "fall" to mix it up. I found a couple textured or patterned vases I loved, I even dug up an old frame and print and put it out. I actually didn't even know I had this, so it felt new!

I actually don't have too much fall stuff to bring out, but the items I have, I've had for nearly 5 years. My challenge was to be joyful while putting out the same things I've put out for years, not feeling the need for more. I thought it'd be fun to show you some comparisons from last year to this year's decor placement!

2017: layered pictures

2018: found this white frame and pretty watercolor painting. Same candles, same sign. I just like them here :) But feels a little different with an existing plant.

 2017: Gather sign on the ledge

2018: cute wood sign and collage of layered pics. That little white vase is the vase I've had and decided to fill it with dried hydrangeas this year.

Cotton // Olive branches (found that I had bought there earlier in the year)

 2017: more color

2018: more neutral (found these houses that I used last year at Christmas and used them for fall instead!)

 Pumpkins on a stack of books // pumpkins by themselves in front of vases.

2017: pumpkin on the buffet tray

2018: pumpkin on the bookshelf

You see a lot of the same things, but it's mixed up just a touch! It was more fun than I expected. Hope this inspires you to use what you have first! It was a challenge that got my creative juices flowing :)


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  1. I love this idea! It can be so tempting to buy more stuff, I too am trying to resist that urge and shop my home instead. It is fun to challenge yourself in this way and I think, really gets the creativity flowing! It's easy to go buy stuff and put it out in your home, it gets the ole brain working when you try to re-purpose what you already have! Your place looks great!

    1. Agreed!! Definitely more of a creative challenge! Shopping your own home is a great first place to start :) thanks Kerri! I love your fall decor, too!

  2. I did the same this year. :) Good idea with not looking at old pictures so that you could make it feel "new" for this year! Love your vignettes!

    1. Yes!! I’m so glad you did it too! I tried to hard to make it feel new...though I am a creature of habit so some have the same feel ;)


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