Fashion Friday- #1

Welcome to the first Fashion Friday on my blog! I thought it would be fun to show you what I'm wearing every Friday.  Maybe we can get some other bloggers on the bandwagon, also!

I love fashion.  Everything about it, really.  Jeans, tops, dresses, shoes!, accessories, and of course the perfect hairstyle to go with it (:  Mom tells me growing up, I'd change my clothes multiple times throughout the day, claiming the first dress was "dirty" or "didn't go with what I was doing".  I love doing my own hair, too.  I taught myself how to french braid when I was 8 years old, all from watching the lady do my hair for my Aunt and Uncle's wedding.  I was a silly little girl; some girls would wear a bow, some would not. I would wear 3 at once.  Yeah.

What is my style? Girly, chic, simple.  Anything flowy, ruffly or has a bow, flowers or rhinestones has my heart.
What do I spend most money on? Jeans.  I won't pay full price for designer jeans, but nonetheless, I do like designer jeans and even at a discount (Loehmans or Nordstrom Rack) they're still the most expensive item I purchase.  Reason being, they last forever.  Also, I could wear my jeans to bed at night.  They're so comfortable they feel like sweats!  I've had one pair of Seven for All Mankind since sophomore year of high school.  I've started to view jeans as an investment piece.  If I buy a pair of designer jeans for a higher price than a pair of standard jeans, but my designer ones last longer and fit better, I consider it a win!
Where do I find good deals? Loehmans, Nordstrom Rack, Forever 21, TJ Maxx.
Favorite Store? Clearly, Anthropologie!! (Only their sale rack!) I also love the B.P. department of Nordstrom.
Favorite Accessory?  Headbands.  Especially flowered ones.  I just ordered this one called "Picket Fence" from Whippy Cakes.  It's adorable...go check it out!

Today I went to work for my dad.  An order of new art work just arrived that my Grandma (Designs by Belinda) and I picked out a few weeks ago.  This morning I hung the pictures in the conference room and they look great! So I had to wear a professional jeans allowed at the office, my dad says.  Without further ado, here's what I wore today:

SHIRT. Forever 21, $20. PANTS.  Macy's...not sure how much, I bought them a while ago!

HAIR.  Diagonal french braid with soft curls in the side pony tail.

SHOES. Purple jeweled peep-toe, Nine-West @Marshalls, $24.

Oh- and here's the art work I hung!

What are you wearing today?

Love and Fashion Friday,

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  1. Your so stinkin cute! Your blog is a joy to read! I have a cute college student son! Ha Ha you should be friends on FB!

  2. Haha! You're so sweet! Where does your family live? I live in Seattle for interior design school at Seattle Pacific University. I'd be happy to be facebook friends(: Thanks for the sweet encouragement on my blog! Yours is great, too!


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