Welcome Wednesday!

Take it from me, a new blog I found, does this great link up every Wednesday! It's for new people to have the chance to meet new people and gain more followers.  So I thought it was a great idea, since I'm new and all (:

So if you're getting to my blog through the Welcome Wednesday link party, then thanks for checking my blog out! I'd love for you to read my About Me and My Favorite Things (the buttons at the top of my page) to learn more about me and my blog. 

For now, here's a cute picture of my sweet puppy (she's actually 10).  Although right now, she's not so sweet.  She's sitting right next to me with her nose on my lap waiting for me to drop a crumb of french bread.  I told her to go lie down because I don't bother her while she eats!

Happy Wednesday!
Stay tuned for a new post coming soon on a bathroom redo I did recently!

Love and Welcome Wednesday,


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  2. Nice blog!
    Following from bloghop...would love to have you follow back!


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