First Dates and Floor Plans

I was pacing up and down the hall, in anticipation of the doorbell ringing.  I peeked through the blinds.  It was raining.  Great.  I had butterflies, because I was excited...and nervous.  I peeked outside again, this time to find his silver truck pulling into the driveway.  It was my first date with this cute new guy I'd recently met.  I yelled to my mom, "He's here!"  She came to the door to wave to him and watch me walk out to the truck.  And as I was walking toward the car, I heard it.  The gentle reminder to "Make sure not to draw a floor plan on the kids menu! Okay love you have fun!"

Thankfully, he didn't hear.  Because if he did, I'd have to explain.  Explain that I've always drawn floor plans on the kids menu, ever since I was little.  So weird, right?!

Well, today is going to be a great day, because today I have my first floor plan drafting class and I'm excited.  Like, really excited.  Drawing floor plans for homework?  Sounds like a dream come true for me! Here's my text book:

I'll learn how to draw furniture, textiles and finishes and learn how to render the pieces.  For example, persian rugs, hardwood flooring, granite countertops etc.  Pretty soon I'll be able to draw elevations like these:

I love the text on the page, "Adding details takes a drawing from ordinary to beautiful!!"

I'll be able to draw space plans like this one:

I'm thrilled to be going to a class I know I'm going to love.  I'm eager to learn knew things.  I'm excited that we have a community of bloggers who we can share our journeys with.  And I'm continually blessed to be doing what I'm passionate about for the rest of my life.

Love and First Dates,


  1. I can feel your excitement! :) I've just started my drafting classes as well, and so far so good! I hope you'll share some of your assignments with us!

  2. That class looks SO fun! I took a few interior design classes in college and they were my favorite. Hope you enjoy the class!

  3. Hope you enjoy your class, I start classes next week :)

  4. It's obvious you've had a passion for interior design from the start- so cool to be learning to do what you love:)

  5. I remember when we went to tea in Carmel and we look over and you're drawing a floor plan on a pad of paper that was in your purse! haha! your Mom was like "Michaela you better not do that on a date when you're older" LOL


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