So here's the thing...

I love photography. I always have.  And by that I mean, when I was little and would see a camera, I would immediately start posing.  I also thought I was good at taking pictures or "helping" my dad video tape my little brother, when really I was probably just in the way.  But that's okay, because this time I left the photographing to the professional.

Meet Emily Scott, owner of Gem Photo.  Her website is probably the cutest I've ever seen. And her photography is beautiful.  She is such a sweet person, too.  I met her a while back before I knew about her photography business, then found her facebook page and was directed to her blog from there.  I've been hooked ever since.  There's a pureness to her photos that is so breath-taking, I could look for hours.

This summer I went to her house to meet her and her adorable dog, Odin.  We talked about photography and design and before I left, we had planned a day the next week to paint her home office!  (I'll blog on that soon, too.)  Emily is great.  She's full of life and passion for what she does.  And by the smile she had on her face the whole time she was shooting, I just know this is what brings her joy.

Check out her blog and website when you get a chance! But for now, here are some fun pictures she took of me last week.

Check out this fabulous jumpsuit she found at a local thrift store...I will admit I was scared at first and I think I said "oh my dear lord" when she pulled it out, but I grew to love it once we got on the railroad tracks!

I love this for two reasons: 1) it's my MadeByGirl print! and 2) you can see Emily in the reflection of the glass! So cute.  Jen from MadeByGirl even put this picture up on her website here (:

If you want to see more, visit her blog!
And if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and need some photo's done (portrait, engagement, wedding etc.) e-mail Emily.  I already told her I want her to be my wedding photographer, even though I'm no where near my wedding! I know you'll love her (:

Love and photography,


  1. MICHAELA, Wow ...such a nice look so pretty holding the LOVE candy print! :))) Thanks for letting me know...! oxox!

  2. Michaela you are gorgeous inside and out. I will post pics of the office soon! I promise!

  3. are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! you seriously need to be a model. I miss youuuuu! And i love you :)

  4. Beautiful Work! You look Gorgeous!)

  5. forget decorating, you should be a model!

    i adore how you write love & {whatever the post is about}. too cute.

  6. that one piece is the cutest thing I've ever seen! You're completely adorable.


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