Whippy Cakes

I knew it was coming.  As I was playing ball with Shasta, I realized I was really just wasting time.  Wasting time, hoping the mailman would come sooner.

It was here.  Oh my goodness!!

My Whippy Cake headband is here!  And it's cuter than ever.  It's the most adorable website and the owner, Becki, hand-makes all the "glamour bands".  She has four collections of headbands, each with their own personality and style.  Mine is called Picket Fence, from the Haute & Saucy collection.  I love it.  Someone may need to stop me from wearing it everyday. No, really.

Dontcha just adore it?
The cool thing about Whippy Cakes is that you buy the headband once.  It has velcro on it, so does the flower appliqué.  So when you buy a new applique, you just velcro it on your headband!

You should get one!

Anyways, today I'm painting our guest room.  It's long overdue.  The wall the headboard is on will be going coral today to make the white furniture pop and tie in with the bead spread.  Can't wait to show you all when it's done!

Love and Whippy Cakes,

PS. I'm linking to:
because this is one of my favorite things!


  1. Adorable, you and the headband! Love it!!!

    p.s I am having an Ann Taylor Loft giveaway if it interests you ~ last day to enter. xo

  2. That is the cutest and what a great concept. Love it.

  3. i love beck! i've done boutiques with her, she lives up the street from me. :)

    glad you like her product, i wear mine a lot too!


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