Wallpaper is a Goner!

This last spring I spent my spring break redoing our hall bathroom.  In our defense, this wallpaper was put up around 12 years ago.  But actually never-mind, there's NO excuse that it didn't come down sooner.  With that said, here's the before:

Stop it.  I know.

So, I told my mom I would take the bathroom on as my project.  This included taking the wallpaper down, priming, painting, picking out new towel and accessories.  Okay, let me tell you...wallpaper is so not easy to take down.  But after tears and chipped nail polish:

Here's the trick: score the wallpaper to no end.  You cannot score too much!  Then mix warm water with laundry detergent and soak the walls 3 times before you even start trying to pull the paper off the wall.  Glad we figured that out about 6 hours into the project (: After the paper is down, sand the walls and spackle any imperfections then sand one last time!  Prime (our walls were a little worn, so I did 2 coats of primer) and two coats of paint.

As you can see above, we were testing colors.  It's important to put the colors you're considering in a few different places in the room you're painting.  Key places are spots where the lighting is different.  Up high and low on the wall, by natural light, by a lamp etc.  Then you can see how the color looks according to the lighting.  One of the colors we had up in a shaded corner went green on the wall, so we vetoed that one.

Anyways,  here's the one we went with:

It's the yellow gold we drew from the painting we bought from Z Gallerie.  This painting lent itself to the color palette of our bathroom, since my mom found the painting first.  It was our inspiration.  From there, we bought brown and turquoise towels:

Then decor for the counter:

Then I did some wall art for behind the door and bought this shabby chic towel rack from Pier 1 Imports:

My mom found these adorable postcards from Capitola, California (near Santa Cruz) and it was the perfect artwork to frame in the sweet white frame above the sink.  (Color scheme and frame also coordinate with the inspiration painting.)  The white vases I made on the counter were the recent finishing touch (:

And there ya have it!  A wallpaper nightmare turns into a welcoming hall bathroom!

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Love and Saying Goodbye to Flowered Wallpaper,


  1. Good job!:D

    It's a very warm and welcoming shade of yellow.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. it looks great! i love that artwork you based it on.

  3. WOW! Great transformation! Thanks for sharing your “creative mojo” with me on Thrilling Thursday. I hope you will be back again soon :)
    ~Lori S.
    Thrilling Thursdays @Paisley Passions

  4. suuuuuuper cute!! LOVE thoe hooks!!!

    THANKS for visiting and good luck with the cozette giveaway! :)

  5. Oooh, SO much better! Love the color you chose, and the accessories are spot on. :) I dread the thought of ever having to take down wallpaper. Thanks so much for linking up with me. :)

  6. Much better!!! That's the perfect shade of yellow! And I LOVE that picture above the toilet.

  7. Unbelievable! What a world of difference! You did a fantastic job!

  8. Great transformaion! I love the color palate. That's a great picture from zGalleries. Visiting from Weekend Bloggy Reading!

  9. Love this idea. if you need new recipes ever come check out our blog.

    new follower too

  10. That is gorgeous! I love it! The colors are beautiful and I love the painting. You did a great job. I found your link at Amanda's.

  11. You really did a great job with it. Tearing down wallpaper is so worth it even though its SO much work. I have been on "tear down duty" before so I can relate! Woo Hoo for YOU!

    Found you at Amanda's party.

  12. Love it! I really loooove the inspiration painting from Z Gallerie too... sort of drooling over it actually :) Great job!

  13. Love that warm shade... and the little bird is a charming accent!

  14. It looks great! Your hard work really paid off. I love the paint shade that you selected and all of the cute accessories that you used to personalize your space.

  15. Lovely transformation! All the accessories really add a nice touch.
    Visiting from Amanda's.

  16. Gorgeous! I love the accessories you chose!

  17. What a difference!! I really like the wall color and your inspiration piece is beautiful! Great job! All your hard work paid off :)

  18. lovely job! what a difference!

  19. HAHAHA! Tell me why, when I was going down the pictures, in my head I was saying Oh my god, eww, oh my god over and over. Then you wrote, "Stop it, I know" Lol! It's like you were talking to me. Haha!
    I absolutely despise wallpaper, it is a nightmare. I would much rather use stencil on an entire wall than glue paper to a wall. Also, Kaitlyn showed me a website that has removable wallpaper! Awesome, right?


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