A Nice Surprise

Yesterday my friends and I had a craft day in 100 degree heat to make cute things for our new apartments!  I have many new projects to share on the blog next week!  But for now, I'm dying to show you my finds at a wonderful little farmers market we went to today after crafting.  

Here's the thing...I have an obsession: ice cream.  Lately, I've become a huge dessert fan, but ice cream is my favorite.  I think the people at Baskin Robins know me by name.  My friends laughed cause they knew it was coming, "Hey guys, let's go grab ice cream!"

When we got to the down town area for ice cream, there was a great farmers market set up on Main Street!  What a nice surprise.  So I not only went home with some good old Cookies 'N Cream with rainbow sprinkles, but also organic bananas, juicy peaches, the most beautiful gerber daisies, and some delicious kettle corn (which I'm sure my brother will have eaten by tonight.)

I'm loving the colors of the daisies...it makes me want to do a room with these as the inspiration!

This one is on my desk, where I'm blogging right now!  I love finding cute jars and glasses for flowers.

And of course:

Happy weekend!

Love and cookies 'n cream, gerber daisies & kettle corn,


  1. My favorite - BlueBell, lemon, in a cone, at home, watching Drop Dead Diva.


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