It's My Favorite Color

How sweet is this white bedroom?! I love that it's white and simple, but yet so complex at the same time.  Different textures, surfaces and finishes make this room beautiful.  And of course I love the touch of purple in the flowers!  Smitten.

Speaking of purple....

This color combination is lovely.  The dark purple and pop of yellow/green balances the room perfectly. All white lamps and a mirrored bed frame keep this space fresh and modern.

It is quite possible I've fallen in love with this room.  If I could, I would paint my walls lavender right now.  My roommates may need to stop me.  It's fun and playful brought in by the purple and the lamps, but yet totally sophisticated, as seen in the furniture and fabric choices. What do you think of the purple and orange combo?
(to find these images, go to Elle Decor)

Love and the Perfect Shade of Purple,

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  1. Beautiful selections! I love the middle bedroom. That bed is wonderful.


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