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I was so excited!  I went to the flee market by my house yesterday, and to be honest, kind of expected to walk away with nothing.  But to my surprise, I found these great pink glasses! Even better, they were only $14 for a set of 4.  (They started off at $18, but I worked some bargain magic (: ) 

I'm thinking we can use them for water glasses, because drinking out of a crystal pink glass is clearly WAY more fun than a plastic cup.  Or I can put flowers in them, like I did here.  And it could even be a pencil holder for my desk!

I absolutely love them.  Probably because they're breakable. Breakable things always catch my eye and that's why vases, glasses and picture frames are a few of my favorite things! I'm getting really good at not actually breaking the breakable objects, though.  When I was little, it was a definite problem.  Like, if we walked into Macy's to grab some clothes, we had to walk straight through the dishes and kitchen ware section to get to the clothes.  I can still remember her voice "Hands at your sides, Michaela.  Keep touching. "  The thing is, though, if I wasn't reminded, we would have had to buy the whole store. (You know; break it, you buy it!)  So I'm proud to say I've grown out of that "accident waiting to happen" stage and have since, graduated to being able to buy my own breakable things...for my own apartment!  Wow, where has the time gone?!

I'm really excited about some posts I have for this next week.  I've been crafting a lot lately (: One of my favorite projects has to do with this picture:

Tune back in this week to see more of my New York inspired project!

Love and Breakable Beauties,


  1. Love your pink glasses.Breakables are so much more fun...I can't wait to see what you do with your
    New York project.

  2. Hi, Michaela, thanks for joining the party. So nice to meet you & welcome to blogging. You're in for a treat, it's such a fun community. I hope you'll drop by & see me often.


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