A Day in the Life: In My Shoes

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7:45 AM: My natural clock wakes me up! It takes me about 15 minutes to actually get out of bed though :)

8 AM: Morning routine begins.
- Put the pot of hot water on the stove for morning tea! {Can't seem to wake up without it}
- Breakfast: Preferably Ego Waffles. I also enjoy toast & peanut butter or cinnamon toast crunch cereal.
- 15 minutes of morning blogging to read your posts! This is when I tweet & Facebook the day's post.
- Get ready for the day! Wash face, brush teeth, makeup, hair, get dressed....all while listening to Pandora. Fave channels: Hillsong, Colbie Callait, Lady Antebellum, John Mayer, He is We.

9:30 AM: CAD {computer assisted drawing} Class

11 AM: Lighting Design Class

12:30 PM: Home for lunch. Top picks: Sandwich, tomato soup, quesadilla, carrots & hummus...or a combo of those!

- Catch up on some blogging and emails
- Work on homework {sometimes at Starbucks for a treat :) }
- Possibly go to the library to finish some CAD homework.
- Do errands {run to the market, mail some letters...}
- Go take pictures at Meadow Boutique for the blog {on Friday's!}
- Work on client E-Designs

4:30 PM:  Hot Yoga {Wednesday's}...most physically exhausting and rewarding hour of my week.

 5:30 PM: Come home, shower, make some dinner.
- More homework!
- Catch up with the family and friends back home via phone or skype
- On Monday's I lead Young Life

8 PM: Watch TV with roommates while I do homework at commercials...our nightly shows include:
- Monday: The Bachelor...not sure why I still watch it. I just.can't.stop.
- Tuesday: Parenthood
- Wednesday: American Idol & Modern Family
- Thursday: American Idol

10 PM: Evening routine...
- Get ready for bed
- Write the next day's post {if it wasn't done on the previous weekend}
- Do some pinning on Pinterest :)
- Read a chapter in a book for pleasure. {Favorites so far: The Holiness of God, Real Marriage, One Thousand Gifts}

11:15 PM: Bedtime Goal!
This is when I play at least 3 rounds of Solitare. I can't seem to fall asleep without winning playing.  Then I turn on my noise machine and fall asleep to the ocean waves.

Next day: wake up and do it all over again {but with a slightly different schedule of classes on certain days!}
What I've learned from writing this all out is that 1. I love a routine 2. I love to be busy and 3. It's always a good idea to schedule in some "me" time. Mine is found in TV time and pleasure reading time before bed. Oh, and the occasional mani/pedi.

What about you...What's your day look like? Do you like schedules? Like to keep busy? Do tell!
Okay....it's almost 11pm! I need to get into bed so I can make my bedtime ;)
Have a lovely Monday!


  1. I am a huge lover of schedules also! Parenthood is my favorite show!

  2. Thanks for the little peek into your day! You definitely need to schedule "me" time. I try to do it every day! :)

  3. You are one busy lady :) I love that you have a routine and your follow by it pretty well, you probably get a lot done this way. Once we get settled into our new home, I want to get into a routine too.
    I'm glad you find some "me" time in your busy schedule! Soon I am going to have a little "me" time post on Friday's where I ask ladies to share what they do for their me time and I would love for you to share yours, if you would like ;)

  4. I am such a schedule girl. . .so funny, was just writing a post like this on the weekend. You are one busy mama. I tend to complain that I am too busy . . but if I am not busy, I don't function well. Go figure.

  5. This is such a cute post! I feel like it should be a series :) Eggo waffles for the win! I'm definitely a schedule person too, and I agree--the busier the better, but not without some relaxing time for myself!

  6. ah you're a YL leader?! me too!!

  7. I'd like to be in your shoes.. like, literally. They are so cute!!!

    I do like to keep busy too, if I have too much free time, things don't get done!

  8. LOVE this! I may have to do a post like this. :) Great thinking!

  9. Love seeing how your days are spent!! It is kind of exactly how I hope to spend my days soon!

  10. Wow, I'm impressed! How do you get all of that done everyday!? And it seems like you do a great job of balancing work and play - I think I need lessons from you ;)


  11. I LOVE to be busy and I love a routine. It's strange when I find myself with downtime enough to watch some TV!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  12. I love this post! It's always so fun to see what a day in the life of someone else looks like! We're pretty routine oriented around here as well--it's the only way things get done!:)

  13. I love this Michaela! Thanks for sharing! I'm pretty much a schedule girl too...gotta have my post-its and to-do lists and cross em off ;) And I wind down at night by playing solitare on my phone too! Or now, it's 'draw something!' That game is addicting :)

  14. I loved seeing a day in your shoes. I am definitely a planner/schedule loving gal as well. And our tv schedules look very similar...I can't stop watching the Bachelor either. Haha.

  15. how do you like bikhram? I don't know if I could do that, if I am sweaty I slide all over the place in yoga! I ran once before and I was sliding off the mat the first 20 min.

  16. Love this! I'm a huge schedule person and I hate to get out of a routine. And I'm with ya on the bachelor. I want to stop, but I can't seem to make myself!

  17. Oh I do love being busy... the busier the better, of course as long as I get sleep and have energy left over for the fun stuff like a movie or tv or craft projects. My life pretty much consists of coffee run, work, errands, pre-grad-school studying, craft projects, reading, tv watching, tea drinking, and occasional baking. :) Hugs friend!

  18. What a clever post! Maybe we should all do one and of course give you credit for this marvelous topic for a post. Love it - thanks for sharing your day! - Jalon

  19. i LOVE routine and schedules too! it's hard w/ a baby though but getting better each day!

  20. Love this post! I can't get through my day without a schedule and a to-do list. Loved learning about your day!

  21. Love this post! It's such a fun way to get to know bloggy friends a little better!

  22. I love getting a little glimpse at other people's days! And I am a huge schedule person (I even set my alarm 10 minutes early so I can hit the snooze once)!

  23. This recap sounds so organized and complete. I love that you have a good, solid routine! I need to learn to prioritize my projects and to-do's throughout the day better. You have given me a great guideline! Thanks Michaela! Here's to hoping I have a better approach at time management! haha

  24. This recap sounds so organized and complete. I love that you have a good, solid routine! I need to learn to prioritize my projects and to-do's throughout the day better. You have given me a great guideline! Thanks Michaela! Here's to hoping I have a better approach at time management! haha

  25. You forgot to put ME in your schedule!!!!

  26. oh my gah!! i cant stop watching the bachelor either!!!! its so annoying ha!

  27. You're so cute. I love this post! But you forgot to add our g-chats and texts to the schedule... ; )

  28. I definitely prefer a schedule...get haywire without it. Big fan of toast with PB and a cup of tea, nothing better than that when your sick either.
    You sound like a very busy but blessed girl :) Thanks for sharing a bit of your day!

  29. that is so nice that your body clock wakes you up at 7:45! my body clock is pretty much broken any time before 9:00. it's a life long challenge.

  30. I would've guessed way more internet time. Good for you!


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