Gift Ideas for Father's Day

The fact that Father's Day is coming up is crazy to me! That means we're halfway through the year, guys. How did this happen?! Though I won't be spending Father's Day with my dad this year, I will definitely be sending him a gift! A few actually, since his birthday is 2 days after Father's Day. I had to share this really cool way to preserve a bunch of favorite memories for my dad. 

My dad owns his own business and often works from home, so when I found this wood block that came with some printed pictures, I thought it'd be a fun way to dress up his office. 2016 was a big year for our family-- both my brother and I got married months a part from one another! So I knew displaying some moments from those two days + some favorite memories over the years would be great. 

I even browsed the site and got some really good ideas for our one year anniversary, coming in September! It's safe to say that if I ever need to print images or give a gift with pictures, I'll be heading straight for Artifact Uprising. The quality is so good! Here are just a few pictures of what I got. I love this picture of my dad and I dancing at my wedding!

Artifact Uprising is offering 10% off gifts for dad with code GIFTDAD.

My parents' favorite place: Kauai!

Family pic from our wedding:

So many good memories:

Here are some other ideas for your old man incase you're on the hunt!

one / two / three
four / five / six
seven / eight / nine

Last year we got my dad a pair of Sperry's and he loved them. They live in California, so he can pretty much wear those year round! My dad also wears ties a lot, so that's always a safe option. I've gotten him a few chambray shirts before and they are some of his favorites. When I saw this one above, I knew I had to include it since it was such a hit for my own dad!

Don't forget about the Artifact Uprising discount for Father's Day!

Hopefully these gift options help you in your search. Happy Wednesday!


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