Coconut Oil: How I Use It

coconut oil

coconut oil

It's no secret that coconut oil has gained quite the reputation over the last year. It might be the trendy thing to use for everything, but I'm SO on board. I use it for so many things, so I thought I'd share them with you today!

- Cooking! Especially baking...I really love making these muffins with it. It's so much healthier than other oils.  What do you use to cook with it?
- Makeup remover. Before I use my face wash to clean my entire face, I always get off my eye make up with coconut oil. I just get a little bit on my finger tips and rub it on my eyes, along with some warm water. It really helps break it up and get it all the way off. I always hated waking up with mascara remittence, so I'm glad to have solved that problem with the coconut oil!
- Shaving! I know this might be TMI, but I cannot shave my legs without getting a red bumpy rash. It's so awful and embarrassing. I decided to just try using coconut oil instead of soap one day, and to my surprise, it totally worked and made my legs even softer than normal. So, if you have sensitive skin like me, try coconut oil!
- On the same note, I also put it on my skin if I have a rash or something itches (like from a bug bite or something). I put it on my elbows and feet every night before bed also, and my skin is super soft!
- My boyfriend's family spreads it on their toast with some peanut butter and they love it.
- I've put it on sunburns to alleviate the burn.
- This stuff is perfect to put a little in the ends of your hair before blow drying or curling. It helps keep it in place and give it that beautiful shine. 
- I haven't tried the oil pulling yet, but have heard it works. Have you tried it?!

There are just so many uses! What do you use coconut oil for? I'd love to hear!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. i love coconut oil! i love using it in the winter-time when my skin is dryer than normal.

  2. I use it as a carrier for my essential oils! It's my facial moisturizer and conditioner for my hair. It's THE best!

  3. I mainly use it to remove my makeup with, but also to cook with!

  4. I too use it for a facial moisturizer at night but not usually under make up because I worry that I may be more oily. I have also tried oil pulling but not consistently so I cannot speak for any benefits; swishing oil for 15-20 minutes was so difficult for me!

  5. I just started using it a few months ago at night with hopes of it eliminating dark spots and it seems to be doing the trick, plus I oddly really love the feeling of it. Ha! I'm eager to now use it for shaving my legs too :)

  6. My Son has a bad skin condition on his legs. It's worst in the Winter. He tried it and put plastic wrap over it at night. It was cleared up with in 10 days.

  7. Yes to all of the above! I also use it in place of Goo-gone and feed it to my dog to promote a shiny coat. Oil pulling with it is amazing once you get past the weirdness factor. Oil pulling with coconut oil has been shown to eliminate MRSA in the mouth!

  8. I'll have to try that for shaving!!! seriously... I have the most rashy, sensitive skin EVER, and I seem to be allergic to half of the products out there. Love this idea! Hugs friend! Hope you're doing well. xoxo

  9. I love using coconut oil, I've been using it a a lotion and I absolutely love it. I tried the oil pulling twice but I haven't done it again because I keep forgetting :) but it wasn't too bad


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