Adventures in Cleaning out the Work Room

Last week I was in charge of cleaning out the work room in the interior design department.  I was nervous because there is so much stuff in there! But it turned out being SO fun!  Endless samples...everything from wood floors, textiles, countertops and mosaic glass tiles.  Here are some pictures I snapped while I was hard at work (: Rule number one: always have your camera with you!

I'd love to use this tile in a girls bathroom for the shower tile work or something. And of course have these beauties on the counter.  At all times.  Such a fun color!

I also turned in my second drafting project.  It's a kitchen plan:

So, to sum up: One, I love the work room; two, I love my hand drafting class; three, I'm so grateful to go to such a wonderful school for my major.  It's awesome, really.

Love and Design,

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  1. I want to say I am so proud of you! You are so talented, and so in your element! Please design that kitchen for me, I love it and want it now!!!


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