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As you may know, I'm in an interior design drafting class this quarter.  I love it.  This last Friday we received a new assignment.  We were given this floor plan:

And must renovate accordingly:

The Gray's family are newlyweds and this is their first home!  It's not too big, and they don't have children yet, so a small office area is sufficient.  The goal is to make the space flow well and have it appear bigger than it is.

Keep all exterior walls, but completely rework the inside.  (All interior walls are free game).
The porch must stay and the built in window seat must stay.
The windows can be moved.
There must be access to the backyard.
Only need to keep one eating area.
Must be at least one bedroom, one bath, with small office space nook or separate bedroom for den.

So, this is where YOU come in!  I want to hear ideas! Where should I move the kitchen and living room?  Should I do a great room (open floor plan)? Should I add a powder bath to add extra value to the house? I want all your thoughts! I have some ideas of my own, but I'm probably going to draft it multiple times before finding the perfect floor plan, so the more ideas the better! Come on ladies, tell me what ya got (:

Ready. Set. Comment!

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  1. Boy - How many eating rooms can one have? I would make the casual dining part of the kitchen - you can never have enough kitchen! Then make the Living room & Dining into one area. Fit an eating area into the new kitchen. Just my thoughts...I don't really know much about this. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Hi Michaela,
    I'm new to your blog, but I thought I'd dive right in anyway (why not, right?).

    Hello lots of dining areas! :) I'd probably take the casual dining area and make it the formal one, while opening up the living room area into the old formal dining area. I'd move the southern bedroom's wall out to the east, and create a master bathroom in the space. Then I'd close off the existing bathroom so there was only a door to the dining room, not either bedroom.

    What fun! Maybe I should take a drafting class...

  3. I'm not fond of opening the front door and then you're immediately in the living room with no little entryway. The kitchen is way too far at the end of the house too. They don't need two dining spaces. The space could be better utilized with closets and a pantry. Good luck!!

  4. Wahoo, how fun! I would turn the front bedroom, living room and dining room into a great room including kitchen. I would steal the old kitchen and incorporate that in with the back bedroom and create a master suite with bathroom and make the casual dining another bedroom. Steal some space from the casual dining to create a small hallway so no one has to enter from the bathroom.....


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