When I grow up...

It's been a week since moving in, and we're pretty much all settled in!  I'm pretty sure I've had more fun decorating our little home than doing pretty much anything else.  Ever.  I can remember back to when I was little and I'd be thinking of what I wanted my apartment to look like when I grew up.  Well, my friends, I don't feel grown up, because it seems like yesterday I had those "when I grow up..." thoughts.  But it also seems that I am almost 20, living in another state, pursing my dream, and living in a cute little apartment with some sweet friends.  And that is classified as "grown up".  Of course, I still have lots more growin' up to do, but wow, time flies!

I'm really excited to show you our little slice of California right here in Seattle. (Since all my roommates are from California) (:


Our cute dish towels

The kitchen overlooks the family room

Our breakfast/lunch/dinner bar

Family room.  The view is so awesome...we feel like we're living in a tree house because all we see are the branches and leaves of this huge green tree!  This TV cabinet was a great find! I was touring an open house since that's my hobby, and mentioned to the seller I liked her TV cabinet.  She she was selling it for $40! (Originally $200 at Ikea.)  Clearly, I left with a new piece of furniture (:

The beautiful curtains my grandma sewed us.  She's so talented!

The You Are My Sunshine prints I made during summer are perfect above the couch.  We're still looking for something to put to the left of them.  Suggestions? We bought this beige slip cover for our sofa, because I've never seen an uglier couch pattern before in my life! It's maroon:

(Our apartment came furnished, so we didn't know what type of couches/patterns we'd have!)  So glad the slipcover worked out.  I can actually take the room seriously.

My MadeByGirl print, and the flowered lampshade I made during summer.

For other art work, I cut squares of cute patterned coordinating fabric and framed it! Simple and inexpensive.  I also framed the picture of the word "Blessed" that I wrote in the sand while my family and I went to Huntington Beach this summer.
I'm really excited about how it turned out!

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Love and Being a Grown-Up,


  1. I absolutly LOVE your place Michaela!!! you did such a great job. I love how the window looks out onto the trees, so cool. It's a really nice place. the ugly couch kind of looked like something from PBC haha! I miss you.

  2. Such a cute room! What about some smaller candle sconces for next to your paintings?? Ones with curves/swirls would coordinate really well with your curtain pattern :)

  3. Your place is UBER cute! I love the treehouse element. I can't wait to sneak a peek of other rooms.


  4. Adorable, FANCY college apt!! (I see my pillow:-)
    Aunt Carol

  5. Michaela ~ Hows about nice 8 X 10 photo of your uncle Jeff for above the sofa?

    The place looks awesome - you are a truly amazing person and I am soooo proud of you!!

    Love and... Golfing in the rain?


  6. I can still remember the thrill of my first apartment...I had just turned 20. I think you've done a wonderful job making it look warm and welcoming. I love the "pops" of color scattered around.

    Thank you for visiting me!


  7. What a cute apartment! It obviously shows that a soon-to-be interior designer lives there! Congrats!


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