Homemade Pizza!

Last week my roommates and I made a homemade pizza!  It was tons of fun and super quick and easy!

All you need is Trader Joes pizza dough, cheese, tomatoes, marinara sauce, olive oil and any seasonings or toppings you wish to add.

Here's how:

Let your pizza dough sit out for 20 minutes, then start kneading it into a circular pizza shape using your hands or a rolling pin.  (I do both).  It should be about 1 foot in diameter.  

For the crust, make the edges a little thicker, just like you would for a pie.  Then pour a little bit of olive oil and some italian seasoning and salt into a bowl.  Pat this on the crust so that the edges will cook to the perfect golden brown in the oven! 

Next, spread the marinara sauce around the middle of the dough, sprinkle cheese and put your sliced tomatoes (and other toppings) on top of the cheese.  I'm  a Plain Jane, so I just like cheese (: For extra flavor, add a dash of salt!

Put it in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes on a cookie tray, then take it out and put it back in the oven for another 4-5 minutes directly on the oven rack (so the crust browns).  That's it!  Doesn't it look delish?!

Pizza and salad for dinner with pink sparkling lemonade from Trader Joes in the adorable flea market goblets I found here (:

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Love and Pizza,


  1. Yummy!! We do homemade pizza a lot at home! Cheese and tomato would make my 5 year old a very happy boy!

  2. Great post! My boyfriend and I love making homemade pizzas. I agree that Trader Joes is the best place to get everything. The pizza always turn out so yummy :-)

  3. mmm I so want to go try this now! I'll have to zip over to Trader Joe's to get the dough...just got some mozzarella buy one get one free!


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