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This living room:

{Room by Sarah Richardson, of Sarah's House}

Everything about this room is elegant, simple and girly.  And I like those three words.  While I was looking through Sarah's portfolio, I was immediately drawn to the gallery wall.  Often times we see black and white frames and family photos in a asymmetrical gallery wall format, but this one is unique.  I love the personality it gives to the room through the use of color.  I also love the contrast of the high ceilings with the low statured furniture.  The texture of the rug and stripes on the ottomans gives the room warmth.  The mirror over the fireplace is off-centered, which I actually quite like because it's unexpected and gives room for a tall plant, like she places here.  The mirror itself also points to the dramatic heigh of the ceilings.

This room is for the books.  Or my inspiration folder on my laptop (: What's in your inspiration folder? What are your favorite elements of this room?

If you missed my inspiration images from last week, go check out this undeniably beautifully textured kitchen.

Love and Dreaming,


  1. I love the shower in the living room! JK, I know it's not a shower, but it does look cool. High ceilings in a living room are a must and this one has some great angles.

  2. Sarah can do no wrong! I just realized I wasn't an official follower?!?!? How'd that happen?

    I corrected it! ;)

  3. Dad, it does kind of look like a shower! Thought the same thing when I saw this episode air on TV. High ceilings rock...glad we have them in our living room at home (

  4. I just love that she went with a clean pallette, yet it isn't monochrome at all. The colors are soft yet vibrant at the same time. they really make the room.

  5. I love how this room has that soft girly romance kind of feel to it and I love the striped ottomans.

  6. So PERFECT! You have such a cute blog!


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