Fashion Friday #5: Classy & Fabulous

It's fashion Friday!  Here's what I'm wearing:

Blouse: Lush
Belt: Franchescas (new favorite store)
Jeans: Citizens
Shoes: Gold Ballet Flats, Nordstrom

Tonight I'm going to an interior design event for students at an incredibly prestigious architecture and design firm in down town Seattle.  It's called NBBJ Architecture.  We get to go and network with other designers in the industry, do a quick project, and dress up, of course!  I wish I had this dress to wear tonight:

Oh well...I can keep dreaming (:

"A girl should be two things: 
classy and fabulous" 
~Coco Chanel

I love this quote, because she gives us license to be fabulous.  Be yourself, whether it be simple, girly, lazy, or crazy.  But always feel fabulous.  Then you'll have enough confidence to knock 'em all dead (: Remember you are beautiful.

Love and Ruffle Dresses,


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