Let's Talk About Nail Polish

Any time I walk into the beauty supply store, it's inevitable that I will walk out with a new nail polish. How can I not when the rack of beautiful colors are magnetically pulling me toward them?! (Maybe that’s why I have close to 60 polishes.) Some call it “addicted” or “obsessed”.  I prefer “hobby”...

 Something about a new nail polish color makes me smile.  Lately, my new favorite color is the perfect hue of lavender.  If you know me, you know I’m infatuated with the color purple.

  I’ve always thought being the one to name nail polishes or paint colors would be so great.  I mean really, sitting in your office coming up with the most bizarre phrases to name a bottle of polish or a can of paint, that half the time, don’t have ANYTHING to do with the real color.   I’m really thankful for whoever does name the polishes cause it gives me a good laugh:
Charged up Cherry
Chapel of Love
ChicaGO Get A Manicure
Chocolate Mouse

Here are some of my favorite fall colors:
Dark with a matte finish is perfect for the season.  Dark purples, browns and grays are a great alternative to the harshness of a true black.  I also love a simple pink with a gray undertone, like the one above. 

Here is the OPI collection called "France":

Looks divine!  I'm in the mood to get my nails done, what about you??

 If you’re having a bad day, it’s nothing a manicure can’t fix.  I swear, works every time!

Love and New Nail Polish,


  1. I absolutely LOVE getting new nail polish, too. Instantly changes my mood. Great post!

  2. I'm an OPI fanatic! I haven't tried the colors you named yet, but I can't get over the names they come up with. Who doesn't want something like ChicaGo Get A Manicure on their fingers or toes?

    And I'm so glad you found me blog and followed me! I stopped by and the prettiness of what you offer and I read your about me, I had to follow you back!

  3. I haven't had a manicure in over 5 years. I miss it. I don't live near my sisters anymore. Its not as much fun to go by yourself. I need to find a buddy for manicures and shopping.

    Cute colors.


  4. I really want to get some new nail polish now! I love how it makes you feel so dressed up!


  5. I just went on Sunday and I also looove purples! I normally go for a dark purple this time of year, but I was going to a wedding on Sunday and had a navy dress. So I went for a lighter color that's a mix of brown, pinkish and purplish....OPI's Barefoot in Barcelona. Someone actually stopped me in the bathroom to compliment me on it. I may have to put it in the regular rotation! :)

  6. loving the idea of greys instead of black! :D

  7. After this move and all the cleaning ive done lately etc...I REALLY want to get my nails done. I admit i have been depriving them from color...i think its been 6 months since ive had color on my NAILS!!!


  8. I do the same thing when i wake into any store that sales nail polish I love the sutff

  9. I literally just finished painting my nails in "You dont know Jaqcues!" OPI-how funny-love this color!


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