Fashion Friday #4

Oh my! It's Friday already!  Confession: I forgot to do Fashion Friday last week.  So this week I'm redeeming myself.  Here's what I'm wearing:

Loose fitting blouse with lace detail: Loehmans! (My favorite discount store.  It's like Nordstrom Rack)
Jeans: Seven For All Mankind
Boots: Not sure! I borrowed my roommates (:

Here's a close up of the lace since you can't see it in the first picture. (I can't wait for my new Cannon- my birthday present! Pictures will be greatly improved!)

The little details are what draw me to an outfit.  Lace, bows, flowers, adding a makes getting dressed more fun if you love what you wear! And I totally have this theory.  If you're having a down day or you're stressed or don't wanna go to work (or school), or whatever the case may be, just look cute!  If you love what you're wearing then you feel confident, and chances are someone will compliment you.  Your terrible day just got a little better, because now you feel good about yourself (:  You might laugh, but it works every time!

Since this is Fashion Friday, I'll end with an outfit I found a while ago and am still dreaming about.  

I love sparkle.

What are you doing this weekend?  If you don't have plans yet, I recommend going to see Life As We Know It.  Adorable, hilarious, and sweet.  I'm going to see Social Network...have you seen it yet?? 

Love and Lookin' Cute,


  1. So great- I loved sharing clothes when I lived with my best friend- a definite perk. And is it just me or is there an actual halo over your head:) too cute!!

  2. I do love those boots! Great color.



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