It's Just My Cup of Tea

I love tea.  Always have.  It started when I was little.  You know, the classic "Do you want some tea, Bitty Baby?" (My American Girl Doll).  Tea parties thrilled me.  Getting dressed up in a fancy outfit, pretending to be older than I really was, eating the little tea sandwiches and drinking out of dainty cups.  When my great grandma died, she left me 5 tea cups and I simply adore them.  Now, I collect tea cups!

I've never been a coffee person, just not my cup of tea (; So, when I found my favorite shop in Seattle called The Tea Cup, I was so excited.  They have so many flavors!  My favorites are their French black teas.  Silk Road, Creme Brulee Early Gray and Madagascar Vanilla.  YUM!  I go almost everyday  and spend at least 3 hours doing homework.  It makes homework enjoyable.  It's my favorite place in Seattle.  My home away from home, really.  That's my biggest piece of advice I give to anyone who goes out of state for college: always find a place you love going and go to often.  Meet the people who work there, get comfortable!  For a while there last year, my place was Nordstrom...but then I found The Tea Cup.  My bank account is thanking me (:

They give you this little hourglass that lets you know when your tea leaves are done seeping.

I was there last night doing some homework, and it was so favorite!  Except, see that fireplace over there?  The girl who's sitting by it took my favorite spot! It's warm and cozy and has the perfect lighting.  But you'll never get the full effect until you come and experience the delicious smell of the tea when you first walk in!

Sometimes dogs come in.  And then I have to take a picture because, really, it's a golden retriever and reminds me of my sweet puppy at home.

The biggest reason I love this place is that it's unique.  While starbucks is good for on-the-go, it just doesn't have that personalized feel that The Tea Cup offers.  I love the exposed brick, warm lighting and smell of tea.  It makes me feel like I'm home.  And I like that feeling!  So if you're ever in Seattle, put this on your list of places to visit (:

Love and Tea,


  1. aw michaela!!! Its chili pepper!! I can't wait to go there with you again!

  2. I was given some Twilight Orchard from The Tea Cup. Have you tried that one yet? It is delicious! Yay for tea!


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