Design Project #1

This week in my interior design studio class we learned how to draw a floor plan to 1/4" scale.  Since drawing floor plans is kinda a hobby for me, I totally enjoyed this assignment!  It seems simple, but in order to get everything perfect, you have to measure, draw the line, check it, and measure again, because if you're off by the slightest inch, it throws off the whole room!  We were given this floor plan of a room my professor actually re-designed for a client:

I had to measure the walls, windows, gap between the windows, door ways, pocket door, folding doors etc. and then draw my own, in the same scale.  The professor will grade it by placing my tracing paper over the original copy to see how accurate it is.  And of course, we we're allowed to trace! Here's my final project (we didn't have to include the furniture):

I know it's not that exciting, but it's the first step to becoming a skilled drafter and I am excited about that!
This week we also worked on writing in block lettering.  Ya know, architect handwriting font.  It was so fun, because I love handwriting things (weird, I know).  I used to practice writing my name on my whiteboard when I was little.  Because clearly it was really important that it looked perfect (; Block writing is really square and all capital letters, so it's challenging at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was fun adding my own personality:

Soon my writing will be as good as Candice Olsen's on Divine Design!  (I heart her).  This upcoming week I'll be drafting a kitchen plan in 1/2" scale.  Yay! 

Love and Drafting,


  1. That looks like fun! I have honestly been considering changing my major to interior design... or some sort of design. So much more fun than Biological Science! lol.

    My co-worker has always written very squared. I have always wondered what it was, now I know... Block writing! Very neat [she has her degree in Fashion/design.. so I'm assuming that's where she got it from?]. I have a thing for writing in all caps, maybe I'm on the road to block writing :)

  2. I see which way North is, but can you point to Stevens Creek & Foothill - hehehehe.


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