Orange and Black

Today we're having a family get together.  It started as my family birthday party, but has quickly turned into viewing the Giants in the World Series.  Which is totally fine with me.  Because well, we're baseball fanatics.  I have so many memories of watching my little brother play tee-ball, pony and high school baseball.  I am beyond proud of him.  He plays with integrity and determination.  And he's really good, too (:  I always feel a sense of home when I watch him play, or watch any baseball game for that matter.  So today we are celebrating the Giants and my 20th birthday which is on Monday!

We decorated for the occasion:

Today the plan is to beat the Rangers.  Sorry Texas ladies!!

Happy weekend (:

Love and Orange, Black & Parties,


  1. Perfect colors and the perfect game for the perfect day!

    Good luck to the Giants :)

    I'm a new follower *waves* nice to meet you!!! Your blog is gorgeous, as are you!

  2. Congrats on the big win!! wooo! :)


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