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Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share with you one of my favorite bloggers.  I found her blog a while ago and have been lovin' it ever since!  Kasey has the cutest Little Brick House and an adorable little boy, too! She's crafty, stylish, and funny, so she's going to show you a piece of her home since I'm cramming for a midterm and flying home to California today (:

Why hello everyone! How are you all doing this fiiiine morning? My name is Kasey and my sweet bloggin’ buddy Michaela invited me over to her corner of the interwebs to do some guest posting [Thanks Michaela!]
First I want to say how much I love Michaela’s blog. One of the main reasons why I love her blog is because she is in Design School. I myself have always been interested in Design. All things design but with the pressures of college and talking with career advisors, I ended up going down a different route. –Biology. Now there is nothing wrong with Biology, but reading Michaela’s blog and looking at all her lovely pictures has inspired me to go ahead and follow what I truly love… Design!
So today I want to talk to you about ‘Big Boy’ rooms. What exactly is a ‘Big Boy’ room? It’s the room that has been transitioned from ‘Baby’ room to a room that fits more of your child’s personality. For my household, we transitioned my son’s room over the summer. He will be 3 in February and just in the past year he has developed such a personality. His personality is so big and broad now you would think we should just skip the whole ‘Big Boy’ room and go straight to the ‘Man Cave’! [Seriously].
So let’s take a look at the room waaaay before any of the transitioning took place.
Excuse the explosion of toys and plain walls. We had just moved into our new house and with the ‘Big Boy’ room in mind, we skipped going all out on any kind of new décor since we still hadn’t had an ‘official’ plan for the new room in mind just yet.

After some paint, a new toddler bed [c/o Toys R Us], a few small accessories here and there and some DIY wall art, the room is now mostly fit for a toddler.
We didn’t want to be committed to a specific theme, so for the bedding we went with something plain. It’s actually twin size bedding, folded in half [c/o Target]. The paint is Valspar Aqua Frost, and for the windows, none other than some trusty shower curtains! I know, I know… but honestly, their inexpensive, made of 100% cotton and work just as good, if not better, at dressing the window up vs. the traditional curtain panel.

Before I go any further I have to give a big shout out to the Goodwill’s out there. You are so utterly awesome and have saved me so much money. Even though at times I feel like I have to dress down to visit you, and that you might blast me with the “sweet” essence of Must and a side of some cheap Stetson, the minute I walk into the door, you have never failed me.

That my friends was a dresser I found at our local Goodwill for $20.00. I snapped up the tag, ran to the register and paid for that baby, dodging customers, running around obstacles of furniture, clothing racks and 80’s style wedding dresses, complete with massive shoulder poufs, and loaded it onto the back of the truck.

With a little elbow grease [great excuse for an arm workout], paint and some new handles, it’s as good as new. Total cost after paint and accessories? Roughly $35.00. Beats paying for a brand new $350.00 dresser that will more than likely be made out of pressed board, glue and staples.
Some very inexpensive wall art. 6 Frames at $1.00 each from the Dollar Store, and some flash cards that I ‘borrowed’ from Jayden’s massive stash of cards. Framed and hung to spell out his name and presto.. a nice, fun way to display some art on the wall.
….Something was still missing however. After a few weeks of staring at the walls, the bed in the corner wasn’t working and my inner Picasso came to work in the form of a ‘Tree’ complete with little Hooty Owl.

Jayden has proudly named him ‘Glasses’ because he thinks the Owl is wearing Glasses  :)

So there you have it. A bright and cheery Toddler room, fit for a 2.5yr old little boy. The reason we went with the ‘white style’ walls, light curtain panels [a la shower curtains], and neutral bedding, is so that his toys, wall art and other accessories could be the ‘Pops’ of color that the room needs, without looking to ‘busy’ and ‘cramped’.
I hope you enjoyed the tour, it’s been a pleasure, and again I want to thank Michaela for inviting me over for the day. It’s been a ton of fun [and also my first time ever as a Guest Blogger.. W00T!]. Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Thanks, Kasey!  Jayden's room is too cute.  My favorite part is the tree, and the dresser is awesome, too! Go check out Kasey's blog.  Ready. Set. GO!

Love and The Little Brick House,


  1. I am so impressed with that dresser, both the price and how beautifully you restored it! What a lucky little boy to have a mom who is so talented!

  2. Wow, cool post! I love the tranformation of the chest of drawers. I am really into white furniture lately, so that looked really awesome! Thanks for the Friday inspiration!!

  3. This is such an amazing transformation! Thanks so much for your sweet comment, feel free to enter my giveaway if you want! :)

  4. What a cute room! To answer your question, no I won't be taking the NCIDQ. I don't think my schooling would even qualify me to take it. I'm just looking for more of a base knowledge at this point, and we'll see where it takes me. Hope your schooling is going well!! Have a great weekend!


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