Dream Homes...Magnolia, Washington

Hi friends! I'm so excited to share with you all the fun houses I found while driving through a suburb of Seattle.  It's called Magnolia, and I am completely and utterly smitten with this neighborhood.  Really, I could drive around for hours.  {Please tell me some of you do this, too!} 
Anyways, let's get to it!

Beautiful Mediterranean style home.

{Side of the same house. Love the garage door!}

This one is my favorite.  Classic and simple elegance.  The white picket fence had me (:

Cute pumpkins for fall.

Look at this porch!!  I feel like we'd need to be on a porch swing sipping lemonade or iced tea (:

Lots of angles and fun plants.

Love these brick pillars with the lights. Reminds me of my house in California.  And the dormer windows above add so much character.

So NOW I have to deal with living in a small apartment when my dream house is across the bridge in Magnolia! 

Look at the beautiful colored trees we found while driving:

And also, it was brought to my attention that I have slacked on my 30 days of thankfulness challenge!! I'm so sorry! So today I'm making up for it by doing two:
First, I'm thankful for beauty.  In general.  But in this case, I'm thankful for beautiful houses.  Houses that give you the feeling of home and family.  All the ones I pictured today seem like such warm and inviting homes, full of love.
Second, I'm thankful for my sweet roommates.  You know those days when everything is funny? That's today. Laughing until our stomach hurts is something I look forward to.  And staying up later than we should having "pillow talk" is a gift.  I've never had a sister, so my roommate is as close as it gets!  God has truly blessed me with wonderful girls who keep me sane and smiling.

SO...which houses are your favorite?? And what are you thankful for?

{PS. I just hit 100 followers and I'm so excited and thankful! So in honor of my dear blogging friends, I'm doing a giveaway.  And it's a big one. So you don't want to miss it! Come back soon for details!}

Love and Adorable Neighborhoods,


  1. Rounded Porch House is my Fav. I remember you telling me it has an ocean view. They probably all do...
    How do the prices compare to Silicon Valley?

  2. I love house number 2... The classic style with the fun windows and paver walkway, swoon! And the beautiful fall trees, so jealous. we dont get much of that in here in Houston. Congrats on hitting 100 folowers :).

    PS I fixed the email thing, thanks!

  3. oh my - each house has its own character and personality - love it!

  4. Gorgeous houses... i think #4 is my favorite! I can't get over that porch! *sighs*

    Room mates are the best! Two of the girls I lived with in University are still my two closest girlfriends! Cherish these times with them! :)

    And of course, congrats on hitting 100 Followers! Excited for your giveaway!

  5. Oh number two is so inviting. It makes me want to go inside...I bet the inside is even better. I absolutely drive around in neighborhoods and look at houses! You are not alone! I have even gone so far as to go inside some that are still being built. I love looking at the layouts of homes! These are so gorgeous!

  6. loving that blue one!!!! or the white... ah so cute. i love traditional homes!

  7. i love all the houses... but my seriously favorite picture is the last one!

    amazing color :)

  8. LOVE those houses. Love the one with brick, and the one with the huge porch, and the blue one. Okay, love them all. What a great thankful list. i remember the days of roommates. Such special times and memories. Savor it.


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