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I love pictures.  Mostly because they remind me of the memories we made on that given day.  But this year, instead of doing the cliche college collages all over the walls I wanted to do something different.  It took me a while to find what I wanted to do, so this was my before:

Last weekend I found a long piece of twine and some cute clothespins with old fashion writing on them. 
I love the whimsical feel it has.  I even found a really cute paper flower while I was in Snohomish the other day, so it went right up! 

A sweet card my dad sent me in the mail (:

To learn about my cork bulletin boards, go here.

How do you display your pictures in you office area? A big bulletin board, gallery wall, or what?
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Today I'm thankful for memories.  Memories that remind us who we were and who we are.  I'm thankful to have pictures of when I was little, so I could how I loved my baby brother, to see how I would look at my daddy, and experience how infatuated I was with my mom.  Memories of the adorable elementary school years, awkward middle school years, and the most important years of my life-- high school.  I have thousands of pictures of my friends and I in high school and anytime I look at them it warms my heart; for they are my best friends, the girls who stuck together through thick and thin, and the girls who have undeniably blessed me with their friendship.

Love and Captured Memories,


  1. Smart idea...and LOVE that November calendar! Janell

  2. Such a cute idea! Love the flower too!

  3. Super cute, I love the big flower. I was thinking of doing something like this in my daughters room for her artwork but I had no more wall space in her room. Of course yours looks a lot more grown up than hers would have.

  4. Michaela - you may not believe it, but I had pictures displayed like this when I was in University too in my bedroom! I loved it!

    Smart girl! ;)

  5. just darling. and that note from your dad is so sweet. great idea.

  6. I love those cork-board weekly calendar. Such a great idea... I think I need to do that!

    I love the way you hung your pictures! And that flower, GORGEOUS!

  7. I love the individual cork boards for each day! Such a great way to make it look more organized than a your typical messy board.

  8. My office space is actually just a corner of the living room, so I'm trying not to overwhelm the space but this is an awesome idea for above my dresser where all my baubles live! Really nice!


  9. Creative idea! Looks great right above your desk!

  10. Love how you've added life to the bulletin boards! Cute, cute, cute!!

  11. I love to display pictures EVERYWHERE. ;) The note from your dad brought tears to my eyes. I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer when I was 16, and I saved some of the notes he wrote me. :) Very special!

  12. pictures are the best! you can never have enough! i love what you did--so cute!!


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