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Today we have the special treat of one of my blogging friends, Katie, the author of The Bright Life, to tell us what grace means to her.  I'm so happy I connected with Katie in the last few months.  We have a lot in common, between the Giants, being super close with our mom's, and both going far away to school.  I really look up to her (: Here's Katie's take on grace.
grace is...
[in the order they came into my mind]

1. second chances. in my first semester at Point Loma, I slept through the first half of my first midterm. the professor, without any eye-rolling or lecturing, handed me my test when I walked in the door, and allowed me as much time as I needed.

2. the blessing of a husband who will learn and grow with me. [he also has the impressive ability to tell the difference between happy tears, sad tears and hungry tears.]

3. my dad, who took me out to lunch every Monday when I was in kindergarten, and, every time, without fail, said “Katie, I really like being with you” when we pulled into the driveway after lunch.

4. my mom, who’s somehow always known I was strong enough to get through things that seemed impossible. and bless her heart for listening to me all the way through.

5. the constant, quiet reminder to trust.

6. a family that isn’t perfect, but is perfectly full of love.

7. make that two families.

8. friends who have known you since before braces and have loved you the whole way through [even if you were a walking fashion faux pas for ALL of high school].

9. getting hired. and then finding out that I was one of the last to get hired before my company’s hiring freeze went into effect.

10. the predictability of Grandma’s cream corn at Thanksgiving. [and while we’re on the topic, can I let you in on a little secret? for a few years in a row now, I’ve gotten away with sneaking into the kitchen before dinner is over to scoop a serving of cream corn into a Tupperware, hiding in the back of our refrigerator, and then digging it out the next day, when all the rest is gone. selfish, isn’t it? ...or genius.]

11. the sweet, sweet memories from being a part of the PLNU xc and track teams. it’s amazing the things running can teach you.


Thank you for sharing! You're beautiful inside and out.  And I can't wait to actually meet you in person sometime (hopefully soon!)  Go check out her blog over at The Bright Life.  It's sweet and fun with Katie's adorable personality.  There's beautiful pictures and lots of wonderful ideas! 

Love and Grace,


  1. Families are truly a this post!!

  2. Lovely series, Michaela! What a great idea :) Katie is such a sweetheart and I love her take on grace. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. What a great family photo!!! How awesome to get a picture of everyone!

  4. The photo of your husband and you in the second photo makes me want to cry.

    So beautiful.

  5. This is really sweet - thanks for sharing, Katie!

  6. this was such a great thing to read. i love her blog and this is an awesome post.

    the cream corn thing is hilarious! i do the same with biscuits and gravy for the day after the holidays. amazingggg :)

  7. aw ur dog is lovely!! we have 3 and they are like our kids!

  8. Thanks so much for doing this series, Michaela! I'm so so looking forward to reading the other posts coming up this week. And yes, let's please meet soon! Xo.

  9. Michaela my love, this post is so fabulous. Just like you!! Life is so precious; thank you for the inspiration again today :) XO your email is coming soon lovely!!

  10. omg this is one of the most beautiful and deep posts i ever read, what a great way to start my day!


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