I'm Featured! (:

Today over at Polly Want A Crafter (the crafting blog of Remodelaholic), my Glass Bottles turn Vintage Vases are being featured! This is exciting! This part of Cassity's blog is relatively new, so pop on over and take a look through some fun crafts that other talented bloggers have contributed!  Follow or subscribe if you'd like; I promise you won't be disappointed.  If you want to learn how to make these:

... Then stop by Polly Want A Crafter to see my tutorial (:

(And come be sure to stop by Kerry's blog, First Time Fancy, later today to see her new series, Perfectly Imperfect.  I'll do a shout out post later for my feature on her blog, too!)

Love and Vintage Vases,


  1. Congrats! And BTW... love the vases! :)

  2. Cute Vases Michaela... I'm going to go have to go over and find out more! Happy Thursday!

  3. I saw these on Polly Want a Crafter! They are SO cute! great idea!

  4. Very cute, what a great idea for all of those glass bottles that pile up

  5. Congrats! Super cute, and well worth a feature!

  6. Loved your post and looking forward to checking out more of your lovely blog!!


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