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Well, I'm thrilled. Because today Megan from Honey We're Home is sharing with us her thoughts on grace!  Being one of the very first blogs I ever read, Megan's has always inspired me.  She has a beautiful home (have you seen her closet?!), wonderful decorating ideas, and the most adorable little baby.  But it's her heart that draws me in the most.  Every time I read her blog I feel like I learn more about how to be a good wife and mom someday.  So special.  So now, here's her idea of what grace is:

I’m delighted that Michaela invited me over to her blog to write about what Grace means to me.  She’s such a darling young woman- beauty, brains, and a heart for God- I love that!

For me, Grace is God saving me and loving me unconditionally despite all the mistakes and foolishness in my past.  And grace is His kindness towards me.  Although we attended church (sporadically) when I was a child, my Mom and Dad always instilled in me that there was a God who loved me unconditionally and was always there for me. 

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Later, when I was in law school, I found a home church and intentionally gave my heart to the Lord.  It was like a light was suddenly shining, lighting my path.  I was so thirsty for God and His Word and I loved getting intimately acquainted with Him over the next several years.  During that time, I also sang in the choir.  Some of the most profound moments of joy I’ve experienced in my life have been when I am singing to God, worshiping Him- be it at church or in the privacy of my own home- or car! 

So I leave you with a video of one of my favorite worship songs, Love So Amazing. 

Thanks for having me, Michaela!

Thanks, Megan!  I grew up singing in choir, too.  Singing is one of my favorite things to do-- especially in the car (; Sure wish we lived closer...I think we'd make great shopping partners!  Make sure to check out Megan's adorable blog, Honey We're Home.  It's fabulous! 

Love and Grace,


  1. I didnt know you found me from Amys Blog! I remember you leaving a comment on my blog but had no idea it was because Amy posted about me :) I love your Blog! You are BEAUTIFUL and reading some of your post makes my heart happy! I will def be comin by more often!

  2. i just want to say i love your grace posts...i found your blog via katie's at the bright life.

    such a great idea, and so encouraging.

    also...i love seattle...i just moved to the midwest with my husband who's in grad school. we used to live in portland...and i miss it lots (minus the rain).

    love love love your blog


  3. Megan writes one of my most favorite blogs -- Absolutely love what she's shared here!

  4. Such a lovely Grace Post! I love the posts so far Michaela! Beautiful and Inspiring!

  5. That was so sweet and lovely...thank you for sharing with us! Love your blog, and love me some Megan!

  6. I had never visited her blog! Love it, thanks for introducing.

  7. Such a beautiful post. Michaela, this is such an inspiring idea. And Megan, you are amazing! :)

  8. I'm glad you're enjoying the series, everyone!! Isn't Megan wonderful?! (:

  9. What a great post... and what a great series for this week. I alway enjoy reading your blog.


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