Grace: Interiors

Grace is found everywhere in interior spaces, too!  And there's no doubt that everyone will have differing opinions on what it looks like to them.  Today I'll be sharing my favorite interiors that seem to exude grace to me.

Simply Graceful:

Nothing overdone or flashy about it.  Just pure, cozy, and rustic.  I see grace in the whimsy of the chairs and beautiful ceilings. The windows letting in tons of light also make me feel warm and peaceful.

Sleek white cabinets and porcelain white tiles with the contrast of the rich table color would be enough to make me want to stay in here for hours. {And hopefully cook something delicious!}

Grande Graceful:

The flowy curtains, crisp white and grand, undeniably elegant chandelier contribute to the feeling of this dining space.

Girlie Grace:

How could you not experience grace while taking a bubble bath in this bathroom with the soft pink, organic wallpaper ?!

This luxurious pink bedroom with mirrored accents and lush bedding had me at first sight.  After the bubble bath, this is where I'd be headed (:

The Great Grace Outdoors:

Please take me here.  I love the clear blue skies, luscious green grass, and calming effect the water has on this Southern California backyard.

This picture captivates grace because of what I see taking place here.  I could see girl friends having a tea party, a family having a small lunch, a mom and daughter chatting about life, or a husband and wife enjoying their morning coffee together. The waterfall, windows with shutters, and beautiful trellis of greenery transport me to a small English bungalow in the middle of a graceful spring day.

Grace-filled Reception:

If I could imagine a beautifully planned, perfectly executed reception area for my wedding, this would be it.  Why?  Because to me, this room is the essence of grace.  Soft colors, draping fabric, warm lighting, lots of flowers and sparkling crystals. Yes, please!

I'm drawn to soft colors, luxurious fabrics, lighting and warmth.  What spaces exude grace to you?

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Love and Grace,


  1. Very nice! I especially love the 3rd picture, of the dining room. I would love to have a dining room like that for the Holidays! :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I am drawn to very clean and simple designs, and I adore an all white room!

  3. Gorgeous rooms Michaela! They all seem so serene and relaxing... something I could use amid the choas that is our renovation right now! :) I think our bedroom will HAVE to be the next focus!

  4. I really love all the whites. It is totally graceful. And I am hoping for the Made By Girl giveaway!

  5. "Grande Grace" is my favorite! That chandelier — swoon! Thank you always for your sweet comments. Have a lovely day!

  6. its so clean and beautiful! I love it!

  7. Loving the grace-filled reception! And girly grace! I think I could use a little more grace in my life!

  8. oh me, oh my I really wish I could transport that brick patio into my side yard. I think I'm in love!!

  9. Look how lovely those pictures are! And your blog as well :)
    Love, love, love!

  10. Wow, what a nice property. The rooms do exude grace without a doubt - although I think some spaces are too feminine for me, but they are still very well done from a design perspective. I can't take my eyes off the stubby subway tiles in the kitchen - what unique dimensions.
    Love it :)
    (oh, and the view from the swimming pool doesn't seem too hard on the eyes either!)

    *Tania @

  11. Oh my goodness these spaces are gorgeous!!!


  12. There is something I love about that first picture. I think you said it perfectly: Pure, cozy and rustic. I think I love the chairs at the ends of the table haha.


  13. Love all the rooms - that bedroom and bathroom are any glam girl's dream! and that kitchen wow i would just sit there all day long...

  14. Everything is beyond beautiful.


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