Fashion Friday #6: lace

Here's one of my favorite shirts!  I found it at Franchescas.  I highly recommend going to this's super cute and affordable!! They started in Texas, but recently have come to a bunch of other locations including California and Washington, which works out great for me (:  I also just bought my first pair of black skinny's from Nordstrom's B.P department and  LOVE them!  Definitely a staple item.

Shirt: Cream lace top, Franchescas
Pants: Black skinny jeans, Nordstrom
Shoes: Black flats with rhinestones, Report (@ Nordstrom)...for a great deal too! Oh- and they're comfortable which is always a plus(:
(If you'd like you learn more about my style, go here!)

Also, here's a fun new hairstyle that's supposed to be popular this fall!  It's the fishtail braid:


What about you? What's your style, what is your go-to look, and where is your favorite place to shop?

Oh, and since I missed yesterday's "What I'm thankful for", I'm doing two today:
I'm thankful for fashion because it allows each person to show off their individual style and personality.  I'm also thankful for the comfortable new black flats I purchased recently (shown above).  They go with a lot of stuff and make walking around campus kinda fun in sparkly shoes (:  I love how much we have to be thankful for, even down to the trivial little fun things we own which make our days that much brighter! Go ahead ladies, tell me what your thankful for!

Love and Fashion Friday,


  1. I love that shirt and the entire outfit is adorable! And I wish I could pull off the fishtail braid! Well, and skinny jeans too... (haha)

    But sadly, my go to look is jeans and a white cotton t-shirt and my favorite place to shop is H&M

  2. that lace is beautiful!!! its looks so classic on you!!

  3. Cute top, especially with skinny jeans!

    p.s. I always wanted to learn how to do a fishtail braid. I can french braid but those fishtails, I have no idea!

    Happy Friday to you!

  4. Oh look oh so Anthropologie! My favorite store I might add :)

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog...

    Take care,

  5. Hey, girl, I love that fishtail and know it would great on you. Can you do it yet?

  6. Oh, the above comment was me,

  7. You, my new blog friend, are adorable. This outfit is super cute too. So glad we've found eachother!

  8. You are ADORABLE, and I'm so excited to have found your blog!! :) :)

    I'm obsessed with anything J. Crew, and I love that they have personal shoppers to help me there, because I'm not as good at putting outfits together as I'd like to be!! ;)

  9. Adorable top! I have a lace top from Forever 21 and I still haven't figure out how to wear it. le sigh..

  10. wow! That braid is Stunning!
    Thank you for the follow Michaela!

  11. love, love, love those shoes!!!

  12. I do love that braid...not sure if I have enough hair to pull it off yet. And I too love the BP dept at nordies! You are too cute!

  13. I love this post, I posted about the same thing.


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