Dream Room

It's lavender and it has vaulted ceilings.  White planked vaulted ceilings, to be exact.  Lots of light and a fresh crisp white duvet.  A touch of vintage and a whole lot of classic and chic.  Mix all of that together and you get this:

The vaulted ceilings are to die for!  I love how open and airy the room feels.  The light area rug mirrors the white ceilings and adds even more to the brightness of the room.  Because lavender is on the cool side of the color wheel, it makes the space feel bigger.  Cool colors always recede, while warm colors advance.  I also enjoy the serenity the room seems to offer.  And I need some of that right now! Between a paper and presentation due this week, I'm just about wiped out! So I'm going to pretend this bedroom is mine and everything will be okay (:

Today I'm thankful for everything beautiful and lovely and pure.  Because when I focus on those things, I get myself through the day. 

Love and Serenity,


  1. That room is absolutely gorgeous! Looks like the perfect place to escape all of life's daily pressures :)

  2. That room definitely looks relaxing and to die for. It will get better, and when you're out and in the work force you won't remember a thing about it {okay I lie, I still can feel the pain of a project due}

  3. i feel like that room would be in a castle. so cute!

    it makes me feel relaxed just looking at it.

  4. My dream bedroom would definitely have vaulted ceilings. This room is gorgeous!


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