Dahlias & Begging Fall to Stick Around

I am telling you, friends, my farmer's market is killing it with the dahlias right now! They are just gorgeous. Nothing freshens your home more than some fresh blooms-- some weeks I don't get any, some weeks I just get one stem and then other weeks, I can't resist the beautiful colors and I get a whole bunch. At only 50 cents per stem, it doesn't even break the bank. Win-win! You can see past dahlia arrangements here and here

These dahlias were extra special, because they were almost as big around as my face. They were stunningly huge and I hadn't seen anything like them before! Here's an arrangement I did for my dining room:


I'm trying to savor every last bit of good weather as I know fall will come and go quickly, and then lucky me -- I get to experience my first Michigan winter. Insert a terrified California girl who could wear flip-flops year round here ;) I know I will be just fine, especially with my handsome guy by my side, but the thought of continuous snow and freezing temps for 4-5 (dare I say 6...) months is frightening. Trips to the farmer's market are refreshing, reminding me to hold on to what a sweet gift it has been to me in the midst of moving to a new place. I went to the market and grabbed some pretty flowers almost every week in the summer, and it truly reminded me of home (I would go almost every week with my family after church on Sundays in California!) 

So, Michigan, if you're listening, please stay decent outside for at least another month! I'm begging this gorgeous fall weather to stick around. Deal? Okay, good :)

We've already made it to the middle of the week. I'm home in California for a big visiting family and I couldn't be more excited about it. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Dahlia's are my favorite! So pretty!

  2. 4-5 months? More like 6-7! Hunker down, the MI winter is nothing to be reckoned with! Buy some cute boots!

  3. The weather here has been particularly beautiful lately! Our farmers markets has dahlia's, too but I seem to kill them SO fast. Any tips on keeping them alive?!

  4. You're actually entering the best season Michigan has to offer, fall is typically fantastic weather and brilliantly colored trees. And the Farmer's Markets, at least Fulton St., stays open until just before Christmas so you can buy all your fresh evergreen bows :)

  5. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

    This winter is definitely going to be a shock for you, but you'll be fine! :)

  6. I would so trade you! It's still 100*+ here in Las Vegas. I could go for some cold weather right about now. :)


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