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Friends! I'm so excited to tell you all about a project I'll be working on over the coming weeks. Meet my newest design client, Lauren of Elle & Company! I'm so excited to be working with this girl, as we've become fast friends ever since she emailed me almost a year ago, telling me about her amazing Daybook Planner. As a graphic designer, brand-creator, and all around sweet soul, I jumped at the chance to help her and husband redesign their little home. 

Lauren and Jake live in a small guest house, they lovingly refer to as their "suite", so we are calling this design series Home Suite Home. I just love it! Most of their furniture and decor has been generously gifted to them or passed down to them to use in the suite, but Lauren is ready for a bit of an update, and I'm ready to help. Each week (or every two weeks) I will be showing you a current room in their suite, along with my design plan. Each week we will need your help to choose an element for the space, too, so you'll want to come back and give your opinion! 

Today I'm showing you the floor plan for the suite, as well as the inspiration for the design plan. Since budget is tight, we will be searching for items that don't break the bank, but definitely ramp up the style factor. Decor with pops of color is what Lauren is all about, and as I'm told, Jake is not opposed to splashes of pink. So...that is definitely happening :)

Here is the floor plan (for those visual-floor-plan-lovers like me!)

And here are a few of the inspiration pictures and items I'm planning to add to the space:

peachy pink pillow / fretwork pillow / sunburst mirror / turquoise shelf / love pillow / shelf

Each week we will be sharing the design plan for one specific room and we're both so excited to see this come together. Hopefully this will be a great series for those of you who also live in small spaces, craving that high end designer look, while working with a small budget and small space.

Head over to the Elle & Company blog to read more about the story of their Suite and see the initial pictures! It's so great, so be sure not to miss it.

Enjoy your day! I'm flying back to California today to visit my family. This girl is excited!! 


  1. the inspirational pictures are beautiful! can't wait to see what you have in store!

  2. I am so excited about this project with Lauren & Jake, such fun and sweet people! Cannot wait to see their new 'suite' be transformed by your charming design! xx

    P.S. What software did you use to create the simple floorplan - autocad?

  3. Excited is an understatement! Thanks so much for partnering with me this "suite" project, Michaela. I'm thrilled to have your help and I can't wait to see it all together!

  4. What an amazing idea!!! We just moved to a small little retreat of our own & I'm lost with where to begin with a small budget. I can't wait to follow this series, Michaela! :)

  5. Such an awesome idea, and so exciting! I often wish I could buy little properties to do just this - maybe one day... x

  6. Lindo projeto. Esse é meu projeto futuro fazer casa e vender, começamos comprando as propriedades.
    Te desejo sucesso em sua nova empreitada.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.


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